Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Newly Discovered Health Benefits From Omega 3's

An evolving body of research is revealing new benefits of omega - 3 fatty acids in the diet. An Iowa State U. study has discovered that inadequate amounts of Omega 3's in the diet of pregnant women may be a precursor to increased incidence of childhood allergies. It is also published in a recent article in the Journal of Pediatrics that early introduction of fish to an infants diet (before 9 months of age) has a protective effect against hereditary eczema and a lower incidence of upper respiratory infections and asthma.
Large epidemiological studies have suggested that adequate intake of omega - 3's may prevent or delay cognitive decline in older adults. Animal studies have shown a reduction in Alzheimer-like brain alterations.
Your best sources for Omega-3 fatty acids are dark, cold water fish such as Tuna, wild Salmon, and Halibut. If you chose to take a supplement, research the products for purity - price isn't always a factor. Two to three servings of fish per week is a safe amount. Plenty of fresh vegetables will also help to "detox" heavy metals from the body, so don't be afraid of the ocean's bounty.