Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trans Fat & Breast Cancer

Gram for gram, the naturally occurring trans fat in high fat dairy foods and beef poses as much, if not more, risk to the heart and breasts as the man-made trans fat in partially hydrogenated oils. Beef and dairy have about 10 times the saturated fat as trans fat. (Pork has no trans fat.) Fats in the body cause oxidative damage to cells. If you minimize the fatty beef and high fat dairy foods, you avoid the harm from both types of fats. Skip foods made with partially hydrogenated oils in restaurants and the supermarket. And don't believe the industry claims that "natural" trans fat is harmless! Not everything found in nature is harmless.
A 7 year study in France recently revealed that women with higher blood levels of trans fat were nearly twice as likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer as those with lower levels of trans fat.
~American Journal of Epidemiology~

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