Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Skinny Review

Skinny B*tch was written by a former model and model's agent. The authors claim the book delivers the truth about food, allowing readers to make educated decisions. They contend it's not a diet, but more of an educational tool. This book takes a holistic approach to becoming "skinny." The authors insist on a totally organic, vegan diet. The foods are primarily brands only found in "natural" food stores.
The book devotes several chapters to conspiracy theories that challenge widely accepted and well-researched scientific guidelines set forth in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and USDA's MyPyramid and National Organic Program. Further, the authors go against current scientific evidence in saying the ingredient list is the only thing that matters in the food we eat and the number of calories, fat and carbohydrates are not important for weight loss.
Most of the suggested meal plans are low in calories and will likely result in weight loss, at the risk of nutrient deficiencies.
The information and recommendations presented are not evidence-based, and the authors have no formal education in the field of science (biochemistry, physiology) and nutrition. Additionally, the average reader may find it difficult to adopt a vegan lifestyle cold turkey (no pun intended) to successfully find the suggested foods and to follow this plan long-term.

~ American Dietetic Association

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