Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watermelon; Simply Underrated

On a hot summer's day, who doesn't love the sweet, cool, crisp taste of watermelon? And, contrary to popular belief, watermelon is no lightweight in the nutrient department. A standard serving (about 2 cups) has 38% of a day's vitamin C, 32% of a day's vitamin A, and 7% of a day's potassium for only 85 fat free, salt free calories. You won't find 2 cups of many foods that are that easy on the waistline.
As an added bonus, watermelon is one of the "Clean 15," the fruits and vegetables with the fewest pesticide residues, according to the Environmental Working Group. That's because the thick rind keeps out bugs and pesticides. So, the next time you pass by watermelon to get to those petite plastic containers of expensive raspberries or blueberries, don't forget the filling, economical fruit that comes in it's own container.

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