Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dietitians Share Their Personal Struggles with Weight Loss

Even dietitians have battled weight issues and dysfunctional relationships with food. Through our own struggles, we have learned how to better counsel clients who want to conquer the same dietary demons.
First of all, one cannot lose weight for someone else. It has to be a goal for internal personal reasons. Take ownership of your own health. When someone else is in control of a personal issue, resentment takes over and motivation is lost.
One diet does not fit all. It's about finding what works for each individual lifestyle; everyone has their own weight-loss journey. Don't just change what you are eating, but also change what you are doing daily. Surround yourself with dietary habits that include physical activities, and don't expect immediate results.
Restricting food always leads to eventual excess eating. Become more in tune with your own behaviors and emotional aspects towards food, and learn to break certain patterns. Weight loss doesn't mean going hungry. By eating the right foods, the urge to indulge in the forbidden is diminished.
Be comfortable with who you are and avoid the yo-yo diet trap; too heavy, too thin - find balance. Obsessing over food and exercise pushes people to extremes. This pertains to developing a healthy self image and a healthy relationship with food. Don't hesitate to work with a counselor if you struggle with these issues. Fix the inner self, and the outer self will follow suit.
Weight control is about more than just eating right. It involves deeply rooted emotional issues and habits. If you wish to consult with an RD, by all means, don't feel intimidated; many have had the same experiences with weight control as everyone else. Besides being able to pass along healthy tidbits learned from our own weight loss journeys, we are able to empathize and inspire.

~ Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

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