Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yes, There Really is a Food Day!

October 24th will be a day to learn about food issues and to advocate for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way. There is also much to celebrate. America's food system has come a long way. More organic foods than ever are being produced, and farmer's markets are popping up everywhere. Yogurt, brown rice and tofu used to be considered "exotic." Many whole foods are now found at local grocers instead of specialty stores.
On the other hand, there are the huge "factory farms" that are hurting the family farms, polluting the land, rivers, and air with excess fertilizer, pesticides, and cesspools of manure, while housing animals in shameful conditions. Obesity is at epidemic proportions, and food poisoning is still a threat despite sanitation regulations.
Numerous organizations have banded together to help solve these problems by educating everyone from grade school kids to government officials. The American Dietetic Association has a hand in the process of promoting Food Day by joining the advisory board, along with The American Public Health Association, Farmer's Market Coalition, Senators, The Food Network, and several food manufacturers and restaurants.
Food Day is a national campaign to support the family farms by limiting subsidies to industrial- scale farms, curb diet related disease, protect the environment, limit the marketing of junk-food to kids, and address many more food production issues.
The public can help promote this campaign by hosting events at schools, churches, and at home. You can also join an event already planned in your area. (Check the map at Make it Food Day everyday by keeping it real - real food, that is!


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